Maria Perez

Happy healthy living every day on my terms!

Bedtime Routines

Bedtime routines can calm an overactive mind.

You can think, plan and prepare for tomorrow, so you don’t lie awake worrying [more…]

Get Some Sunshine

Go out in nature, in the sunshine, as it increases dopamine production, as proven in many studies on nature’s effect on our bodies and minds.

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing has a direct calming effect on the nervous system.

Put your tongue on the roof of your [more…]

Take Control

During a stressful situation, remind yourself what you can control in your immediate environment.


If you don’t have the patience to go through 15 minutes of guided meditation, try this:

Close your eyes, be mindful of [more…]

Hydration Is Key

Staying hydrated helps keep the skin clear, your mood balanced, and helps both digestion and your immune system. [more…]

A Step At A Time

Once you have made up your mind about taking on a new habit, you might as well start getting used to it. [more…]

Let Your Mind Wander

Daydreaming is a fantastic way for us to access our unconscious and allow ideas that have been silently incubating to bubble up into our conscious. [more…]

Your “Big Why”

As you’re determining the habits or resolutions you’re trying to set, make the habit part of a bigger cause that’s worth the struggle. [more…]